May 11

Bobby Heugel’s Tequila Call to Arms

Bobby Heugel, founder of Anvil Bar & Refuge in Houston, cares a lot about Tequila. He has posted an informative, pointed and frightening menu for Cinco de Mayo on his blog. Go check it out, as well as the discussion in the comments section there and the article by Allison Cook that he links to.


A lot to think about and worry about, and maybe even get angry about.

Jul 10

*cough cough* Is this thing on?

We just heard about this new/old stuff called Root. We want to try some. Have you seen it in Texas? Do we need to drive up to Pennsylvania?

Mar 10

Psst… Creme Yvette

Years of planning.  Research.  Coordination.  Technical hurdles overcome.  Patience.  Impatience.  Close calls.  Near misses.  Adventure.  Pirates.  And finally, now, the culmination of one of the greatest covert operations ever carried out by Souse Report operatives.

Through many trials, the courier known only as “Codename Brownshorts” has at last delivered the secret formula to Souse Report HQ.  His journey was long and fraught with peril.  The unspeakable dangers he faced, the hideous acts of betrayal and perversion he was forced to commit: these are too terrible to recount here.  Let us say instead that he faced these challenges and overcame them, discharging his duty despite losing a leg and, somehow, gaining a testicle.

And now it is here, and the true work begins.  The Souse Report staff must now go into seclusion to perform a thorough evaluation of this fantastic substance.  Stay tuned, however, as additional reports will follow within the next 72 hours, issued from our Undisclosed Location.


Mar 10

Sometimes I just drink wine.

Open fridge. Reach. Unscrew screw-top on bottle of 2008 Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc-Viognier. Pour. Happy!  Y’know?

Feb 10

Just Beginning

This is just the beginning of what should be a fascinating blog about drinking cocktails and places where people go to drink cocktails and the people who drink cocktails and the people who put up with them.

We are trying to destroy major appliances.